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The Gift of Financial Literacy

We feel confident our kids will be taught reading, writing, and basic math in school. But how will they learn to budget, use a credit card, save for a car or a down payment on a home, and stay out of debt? Just as reading and writing are critical skills for a successful future, so is financial responsibility. Unlike with common academic subjects, however, it often falls on families to teach money-related lessons. Use the guide below to lay a foundation for basic financial concepts and give your child the priceless gift of financial literacy.

Your Guide to Year-End Financial Planning: A Comprehensive Checklist

As 2023 winds down, your focus may begin turning to holiday planning, family gatherings, and delicious food. You might even entertain the idea of getting your tax documents in order. Consider going a few steps further and preparing for a yearly check-in with your financial advisor to start 2024 with your money matters in good shape.


5 Positive Financial Habits to Adopt Today

Like most people, you probably have a vivid, exciting picture of what your ideal retirement will look like, but adopting good financial habits is a must for plotting a successful retirement journey. Let’s explore five positive ways to get—and stay—on the right track.

Game On: Crafting Your Financial Playbook

Football season is kicking off, and just as each team relies on careful planning and a dynamic playbook, we're here to guide you through each quarter of your financial journey. From building your financial dream team to adapting to life's changes, discover how to make the right moves and achieve financial victory.


Back to School: Navigating Education Costs and Financial Planning

As the upcoming school year draws near, the rising costs of education and supplies can pose financial challenges for families. At Flick Financial, we're here to help you manage these expenses while working to secure your child's financial future. From creating comprehensive budgets to exploring possible saving opportunities, we offer tailored strategies to navigate education expenses, devise a long-term plan, and guide you every step of the way.